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My name is Hannah Miles and I love photography. I've created pictures for
as long as I can remember, I believe that there is beauty to be found in
everything and everyone, I love people and I especially love photographing them.

I have a background in press photography and still shoot for various national
newspapers, PR and companies such as Universal Records and Decca Records.

I now mainly shoot weddings because I just love them so much, capturing those
moments which will become memories is something truly special.

Through out my career I have won a couple of awards which is always nice ☺
and had my pictures published in magazines and national newspapers such
as The Times, Guardian, Telegraph and so on.

I am based in West London, please feel free to ask me anything,
comment on my photographs or just to say hello.

EMAIL: info@kinvermilesphotography.com

BLOG: www.kinvermilesphotography.co.uk/blog